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Kusuma Wijaya Group is an established manufacturer and exporter of coconut shell charcoal Briquette. We are a leading supplier of Briquette Charcoal Indonesia and Shisha Charcoal and are proud to be a preferred manufacturer of a number of leading global brands.

kusuma wijaya group

Our Product

The core product of Kusuma Wijaya Group is charcoal made from coconut shell carbon, which we offer in varying shapes and sizes. Our product is mainly used for heating tobacco/shisha pipes.Our shisha briquettes are made with 100% natural ingredients. The coconut shells ensure easy ignition, high and even heat and a longer burn time. Kusuma Wijaya Group assures the safety of the environment from the point of collecting the raw coconut shells until packing and dispatch.


The benefits of coconut shell charcoal,

  • Eco friendly with pure natural materials
  • Easy ignition due to unique shape
  • Consistent, even and predictable burn time
  • Longer burn time
  • Heats up faster than other charcoal brands
  • Burns with less smoke and is completely odorless
  • Lower residual ash
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    Integrity means telling the truth, keeping our word and treating others with fairness and respect. Integrity is one of our most cherished assets. It must not be compromised.


    Quality is exhibited in many ways by selling and supporting products and services that delight customers, establishing a work environment , delivering financial results that meet investor expectations.


    Commitment is important where we will continue to provide the best to our customers and investors all the time. Our opportunity to serve should be viewed as a privilege that is not to be taken for granted.


    Innovation means inventing, designing, developing products and services that have high appeal in the marketplace and strengthen customer preference for the Universal Coco Indonesia project.

    kusuma wijaya group

    Meet our Company

    We are an Indonesian company engaged in plantation and we also supply raw materials from coconut which will be in production some processed products. Our company is very skilled in the industry, we have the best experiences that make our customers satisfied with every existing cooperation.
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    Investor Relations

    CV Kusuma Wijaya has developed a strategy to grow and sustain its successful global business. We take advantage of opportunities where the resources we work on are huge in Indonesia. We believe CV Kusuma Wijaya has a very good position to take advantage of these things.
    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Commitment is the value of our company. And we see that the establishment of this company is not just the profit we seek, but we know that there is a reason why this company should stand. Many people have the hope of having a good life, and we are here for them. We want to be a blessing to those in need.
    Visit CV Kusuma Wijaya

    Indonesia has 17,503 islands and we have several locations that you can visit, from plantations to factories that produce finished products. We own a plantation on the eastern part of Indonesia, and have a production plant on the island of Java, Western Indonesia. And your visitation to this company will be unforgettable.

    Doing Business With Us

    CV Kusuma Wijaya is very selective when choosing our suppliers and dealers. We must both totally support CV Kusuma Wijaya core values: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. If this is the way you define your business and your work ethics, then you may benefit from a relationship with CV Kusuma Wijaya.

    Doing Business With CV Kusuma Wijaya


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